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atleast you have an option of going part time. my job is weird about that.. i started out temp to hire the first year, then have stayed on another 7. mostly on the night shift and they can't work nothing out. all i do is build freight orders, i stack 50 to 60 lb boxes all night long.. it totally sucks. i'm 37 years old, and it totally has gotten me nowhere (did have major shoulder surgery and a 7 month vacation last year though!). my problem has less to do with the amt of lawn care work i have which is hardly enough, but more or less the amount of time i sleep, because i just can't make myself adjust to the night schedule anymore.. my body is fighting it bad. i think i have a fear that i'm gonna give up on lawn care again like i did 7 years ago, and i know 100 percent that this is what i want to do (for myself, not working for a company), i can't think of anything else work wise that i enjoy this much.. thats what keeps me going everyday.

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Here is my situation & plans for spring. The caulking company I work for is small & I am the Sr employee (1 of 3 employees), only been there abt 1yr 4months. There were 4 employees when I started & 3 were let go by the time I was there 6 months. The 4th guy quit couple months ago. High employee turn over because boss treats them like cr@p. He treats me different (respects me) because I own my own business. Come early next year I'm gonna tell him I'm gonna give the lawncare a shot fulltime & will work for him part time. At the begining of season maybe working for him Thurs & Fri. Possibly some afternoon/evenings caulking some stuff. The income from him will help in the beginning, so hope he goes for it. If not I got some connections with other caulk companies that I have talked with on construction sites that will use me part time. 1 being a solo caulker that alot of times could use help but doesn't always have enough work to keep an employee full time.

Best of luck to you...I know I'm gonna need it come spring!
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