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Originally Posted by Scott Barnes View Post
Is the lawnmowing season done already N'At!
Nah, still much mowing to do.

I think the rains of the past few weeks have helped extend the season. Usually, by this time, I've started to expand schedules. Only this past week did I expand one. I expect to mow a full schedule this week yet, except one. However, some scrappy yards mowed the past couple of days will be 2-3 weeks out, for last cut. But, the well maintained ones continue to do well. On a couple of them, I am having a hard time setting down mowing heights because of heavy clippings.

However, the leaf season is strong. On most years, the workload balances out -- slowing the mowing work, adding the leaf work. This year, mowing remains, and leaf work just gets added. I've had some very long work days to keep mowing schedule, AND do leaf work. While many are down, there are lots of leaves yet to drop -- most oak, silver maple, catalpa, sycamore. Walnut, large-leaf yellow maple, ornamental, elm, ... done.
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