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I hear ya man atleast you got money saved...I mean 17k thats alot I am just getting started again I made the mistake of selling all my accounts and equipment when I left high school for college now three years later I am trying to get it all back to what I isnt easy especially trying to start back up in the spring...

I work Mon-Fri 7am-4pm and every other Sat those same hours at my full-time in the warehouse and then Pickup up a waste management job from about 8-9ish every night (extra $600 a mo.) and then fit jobs in when I can...

Hopefully in the spring time I can quit the nightly contracting job and cut my hours down on the fulltime job to part time...

Takes money to make money baby...nothings easy but then again I am still only 21 so its not that hard on me.
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