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Originally Posted by the_bug_guy View Post
. Always talk yo the neighbors of your customers talk yo them as if you've known them for years.
This has been a great tool for me over the years. I mean what a better customer than one that already has seen your work, approves, and best of all does not require any additional travel time to obtain.

Keep a look out for neighboring properties during your visits, do they have a pest problem that you can spot? Is there lawn dry at some point? Is there lawn guy mowing the same way each week rutting the heck out of the lawn? Is there something you can tell them about their lawn that needs fixed in which you can help improve? If so knock on the door and let them know, you will be surprised how many times that works in gaining customers. From the do it yourself type to the ones who have a service that did not know what was going on with the lawn or did not care, I have picked up plenty of customers by doing this. If they are not home, leave them a note with what you noticed and a business card stapled to the note. They may or may not call. Leave a note again when you notice something again...they will most likely will call because they now have the understanding that you not only are able to Identify the problems, but that your are professional enough to care.
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