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Originally Posted by HPI_Savage25 View Post
I'm trying to figure out a good price to charge that is also fair. But being told "its too big for you" isnt helping. I am willing to give a shot at anything. I can always hire more guys and I can always use the mower around the house so it wouldn't be non usable.

I think I saw $884 per cut or some thing along those lines. 800 some thing.

All I can say is W O W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For 28 acres?????????????????????????????

I mow this triangle shaped property with myself and two guys. One 60" mid mount and one 48" Walker.
According to the tax office its a 17 acre property.
Takes between 6 and 7 hours to trim, mow and blow with these three guys.
And yeah I budget more than 800 some thing per mowing on my bid.

28 ACRES for 800 some thing??????????????????????
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