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Originally Posted by HPI_Savage25 View Post
I'm trying to figure out a good price to charge that is also fair. But being told "its too big for you" isnt helping. I am willing to give a shot at anything. I can always hire more guys and I can always use the mower around the house so it wouldn't be non usable.

You could always call some of competitors and get them to bid it. Tell them you have a solid inside connection and would sub it to them.

You'll have an idea what market is that way.
You'd just have to hope they don't read LS too.

Seriously I'd bid it for what you think it'll take you and not look back.
A year ago I was requested to bid a large complex. I won it.
They told two of their friend managers at other complexes and next thing I knew I was the proud new contract holder on three places. I felt a whole lot over whelmed. After the first three mowings and we got a pattern down they didn't seem nearly so big.
The same thing will happen for you if you get this one.

And lucky for my company............. we are the proud contract holders for 2012/2013 too.
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