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Originally Posted by JCLawn and more View Post
Um a 60inch mower at 10.5 mph is about 6 acres a hour on the money. Times that by 2.5 is 15 acres on the money. It takes my guy about 1.5 hrs to do the trimming and then gets on the other mower for about a hour and that mow can do about 4.5 acres a hour. So we could potentially mow 19 acres but its chopped up in different section, hills, and obstacles. Not my faul you mow at grandma speeds on your tractor lol The one is a 26hp diesel kubora ztr and the other is a 21hp diesel grasshopper. We use oh about a total of 4 gallons of diesel there so I can mow it for about $11 in diesel
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With 2 72" 31hp diesels, one Walker 48" and one guy trimming/running Walker it takes us 6 hours to mow 17 acres. LOTS of trimming and obstacles. Oh the Walkers are diesel as well. I don't know how that translates to speed but you seem to think it does. You can only mow as fast as the turf allows you to. Guys need to realize just because a Manufacturer says the mower can mow at 10.5, doesn't mean you can do it on all properties.
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