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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
With 2 72" 31hp diesels, one Walker 48" and one guy trimming/running Walker it takes us 6 hours to mow 17 acres. LOTS of trimming and obstacles. Oh the Walkers are diesel as well. I don't know how that translates to speed but you seem to think it does. You can only mow as fast as the turf allows you to. Guys need to realize just because a Manufacturer says the mower can mow at 10.5, doesn't mean you can do it on all properties.
That means your mowing only your mowers are only mowing less that 1.4 acres per hour with the 72's............ That would mean they are mowing at less than 1.5 mph. I think your guys must be doing something else of the job because walking speed is about 3mph. Yes you can go faster with a diesel because you have more torque. I rarly need to go slower than top speed except for turning around. Actualy based off what you said it takes 18 man hours. I could pretty much mow most of that if not all of that with a push mower in 18 hrs.
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