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Originally Posted by MOturkey View Post
You are right. The problem is, not all turf is mowable at full stick, even with slower ZTR's. I learned that lesson 3 years ago when I bought a new Diesel Gravely. The mowing season had just commenced, and I was mowing a lawn we used to service that was well shaded, and always moist. It was an EOW mow, and one portion of the lawn in particular, where there were numerous trees, always grew like gangbusters. The grass was probably a good 10 inches tall, thick, and fine.

I took off with my shiny new diesel, and quickly discovered that with the additional torque, it wasn't necessary to slow down as I had always done with my gasser. I was elated, and kept the hammer down, mowing the area in record time. When the job was completed, I got to looking and realized that the area under the trees looked like crap, because it hadn't cut all the grass cleanly, just whacked it, leaving an uneven cut. I ended up going over the whole area again, meaning my record time, was a new record, but on the slow end of the scale.

And, yes, my blades were sharp. And, yes, they were high lifts. And, yes the deck was clean.

Perhaps there is a mower that can operate with 100% efficiency on all turf, at all speeds, I don't know. I just know that has not been my experience.
I agree and that why I said if he does biweekly then its gonna suck. With my 15 acres if I keep it every 7 it don't get away from me. Now if its 10 it will add 40 min to my time. My kubota with a 6.5 inch deep deck can handle more grass at a time more than most ztrs because its not fighting the grass as much as most mowers but I think it would be about the same as the scag tt.
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