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you from marietta? i lived there for about 15 years. thats where i first started up my business back in 04' before i gave it up to work in the warehouse.. now i'm out in dallas, ga trying to make it happen out here.. not venturing into marietta much yet. plenty of potential clients out this way.. trying to build a tight route to save on fuel costs.

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I hear ya man atleast you got money saved...I mean 17k thats alot I am just getting started again I made the mistake of selling all my accounts and equipment when I left high school for college now three years later I am trying to get it all back to what I isnt easy especially trying to start back up in the spring...

I work Mon-Fri 7am-4pm and every other Sat those same hours at my full-time in the warehouse and then Pickup up a waste management job from about 8-9ish every night (extra $600 a mo.) and then fit jobs in when I can...

Hopefully in the spring time I can quit the nightly contracting job and cut my hours down on the fulltime job to part time...

Takes money to make money baby...nothings easy but then again I am still only 21 so its not that hard on me.
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