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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
you from marietta? i lived there for about 15 years. thats where i first started up my business back in 04' before i gave it up to work in the warehouse.. now i'm out in dallas, ga trying to make it happen out here.. not venturing into marietta much yet. plenty of potential clients out this way.. trying to build a tight route to save on fuel costs.
I feel your pain man. I don't think I could do the overnight gig like you do. I work a M-F 8-5 Corporate job over in Alpharetta, then do my mowing and in the evenings 5:45-dark (weekends if need be). I have 17 clients and fortunately, all 17 of my customers are in my own subdivision. I split my mowing up 4-5 nights a week but now that it's dark so early, I've been having to do a few on saturdays. I just did my last mowing for the season this weekend though. I've been doing them bi-weekly the last 4 weeks since the bermuda has slowed down so much. Still waiting for that first frost to knock it into dormancy.

It gets really complicated in the spring when I'm mowing, doing apps, and doing mulch/pine-straw jobs
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