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We build a lot of both kinds of walls. Although the rock walls are much more popular here than SRWs are.

The rock walls are a little less stable than the SRWs are, just by nature. So they can start to bulge a little over the years. Not usually, but sometimes it happens. Where the SRWs here are totally solid, as long as they're constructed properly. So the idea here is that I know the SRW is solid. And for the most part the rock wall is pretty solid too. But if they ever start to fail (bulge out) it's a pretty easy fix. We fix several walls each year. Usually they aren't ones we installed. But it's no big deal. Part of the deal around here.

In this case, there isn't any heavy clay soil behind the rock wall, so I don't expect it will fail. That's what typically makes them fail is the heavy clay soil holding so much water behind the wall. Even with a well built drainage chimney sometimes it still doesn't prevent a failure. But there's no heavy clay soil behind that wall, really. Mostly nice compact aggregate gravel that we installed. There is heavy clay under the footing. So if we get a wet enough winter, sometimes that can cause problems. But again, that's part of the deal. Something we are prepared form if it ever happens.
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