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[QUOTE= I was briefly looking at some numbers as far as flow and pressure and to use golf course heads like the hunter valve in heads we need 100 psi and roughly 80 gpm which means 3" main, which probably means gasketed pipe.

No, a gasket type pipe is not necessary for the limited flow and pressure you are quoting. Also, dependent upon the environmental/site conditions, flow rate per zone may end up with differing requirements. Things like turf type, slope, elevation above irrigation point source, degree/duration of sunlight/shade, usage of site - all go into properly designing the system.

So now i am thinking I40's with opposing nozzles. But I know there are issues that arise with reclaimed water where water treatment to prevent lawn diseases can arise.[/QUOTE]

The "issue" as you identify it deals more with the type of pipe/valve/irrigation head component selection than actual concern over reclaimed water use and C3 turf irrigation requirements.

Unless you have some really weird elevation concerns, this sounds like an "off the shelf" component system.
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