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Originally Posted by olmod View Post
Ok guys I am sure I will get some grief on this but I am going to ask anyway. I am bidding a wall project. It is 90' long and about 50' of it is 6' tall. The remaining 40' goes from 6' down to 1'. The block is going to cost me depending on what the customer chooses $4-5,000. There is a area 40'x40'x6' deep that I have remove two big stumps and all the dirt. The customer is making this area parking space. The wall will be holding back the hillside along the driveway and this new area. I figure with 2 guys it is going to take a week and half maybe a full two weeks to complete this project. I am coming up with a figure of $18,500 for this project by the time I figure 160 man hours, equipment rental and charges, material and labor. Do you guys think I am good on price or to high or to low? I have done plenty of these jobs in the past but it had been a few years so I wanna make sure I am not over charging. I also really want this project as it would be nice to have going into winter. Thanks for your advise!
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I won't sit down and calculate the job, I have enough jobs of my own to price! But I will offer some pointers:

1) you mentioned winter. Make sure your proposal has a sentence saying that if weather conditions prevent you from performing turf restoration that the balance is still due upon completion of the wall, however the client may retain a few hundred dollars until the seeding is completed in the spring.

2) during fall and winter there are wet periods. You mentioned equipment rental. If its sunny tomorrow but too wet to work - did you pad the equipment rental to cover the equipment sitting? I find weekly or monthly rates are the way to go, this way the weather doesn't cost you money.

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