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Originally Posted by stuvecorp View Post
Sean, I have a couple thoughts on this thread as there are many 'topics' here. I mean this as respectful as possible but Andrew and You are the exception, I bet many of the rest of us are not 'successful' in the conventional sense and there are many reasons why. If all it took was hard work I think there would be many more that are 'successful'. I hate to say it but there is a lot of 'luck' and 'connections' that are very important.

Another point is the commercial vs residential market. An excavator last year kind of told me I was wasting my time doing residential work and should go after more 'big' work. The problem with that is I can't afford to wait to be paid, absolutely hate dealing with the regulations that come with commercial work and it is very dog-eat-dog. Yes some home owners are a pain but some are awesome to deal with and I've found there is much better margins with it and leave with a check.

My last thing is connections make or break you, that is the most important thing. I am not a pushy or very out spoken so I find the 'selling/schmoozing' part very tough, the work is the easy part...

That last part was my thoughts too. I couldnt do it. I guess thats an advantage some people have over me. But I might even imagine that maybe there is almost a cultural difference between areas. Thats cool that you (TSS) can walk onto a construction site with a bunch of coffees for the crew to try and drum up business but that would not be accepted here. You would look like a weirdo.
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