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Originally Posted by cod8825 View Post

Good point I only guarantee the ones that have irrigation or timers.

Again pointers on conversation pointers.
I guarantee some without too as long as I am convinced they are going to water by hand. You can usually tell when you're feeling them out in the bidding/inspection process.

Hasn't failed me yet.

I even got burned on one of my first jobs I ever did because the man had a different lawn care company fertilizing and they applied Barricade that I didn't know about Or, inquire about and it was a high visibility 10,000 sq foot roundup and reseed.

It completely failed. I waited almost three months and re did the entire job.

Now....partially my fault, partially not but I still made nice coin plus returned the next spring and did the mans back yard on a golf course another 10K.

If you price the job right, it becomes totally about making it work regardless of whats necessary. This applies to whatever you do for hire on any given day.

Thats why I hate low balling. It forces people to compromise.
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