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yeah, i lived up that way on powder springs rd., found me a sweet deal on a house out over here off of dallas acworth highway. i'm hoping i can pick up some more accounts this spring, i got started mid summer, and got a fair amount of calls at the start of fall. i'm doing mostly chem apps, but decided to add mowing so hopefully i can get 10 to mow to get some cash flow going till i can get more apps to do. i gotta get out of the warehouse ASAP i think i'm burnt out from there more than anything, most of my lawn care work is done for the year, i have some lime applications i'm gonna do in november and thats about it. so i guess i'm just gonna enjoy the OT at the night job and put the money away till next year.

cant send you a PM but, what warehouse you work at?? i work in kennesaw at the m&m/mars warehouse. totally sucks! lol.

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Yeah I am from Marietta and thats cool I hunt up that way a ton on Sheffield WMA right next to Paulding Forest if you know where that is; I am actually looking for a house out in that area now but I want land..I live where Macland Rd and Powder Springs comes together if you know where that is...trying to break back into it here..its hard getting started again in the fall with limited equipment but I am hoping by spring time I will be able to cut back on work and run my business mostly.

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