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i used to do 6a.m. to 5 pm at trugreen and mowed till dark everyday, and i much rathered that. i think i'm gonna be a stay at home dad next year, and go mow when the wife gets off work, till dark.. then on friday i can put him in day care for one day and get alot done, and i have all day saturday. i think thats my plan. i may try to run some pizzas if things get to slow.. in the winters i'm just taking my azz to the temp. service and i'll find a forklift job during those times.. day time hours of course. the night shift life is no life for someone with a family. its so hard to leave a decent paying job with benefits, however.. they downgraded our insurance which to me.. makes no sense for me to stay.. i've found other options for insurance for my son that would be much better. the nightshift has put a huge strain on my marriage and i'd like to save that.. love my family, they keep me going everyday.

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I feel your pain man. I don't think I could do the overnight gig like you do. I work a M-F 8-5 Corporate job over in Alpharetta, then do my mowing and in the evenings 5:45-dark (weekends if need be). I have 17 clients and fortunately, all 17 of my customers are in my own subdivision. I split my mowing up 4-5 nights a week but now that it's dark so early, I've been having to do a few on saturdays. I just did my last mowing for the season this weekend though. I've been doing them bi-weekly the last 4 weeks since the bermuda has slowed down so much. Still waiting for that first frost to knock it into dormancy.

It gets really complicated in the spring when I'm mowing, doing apps, and doing mulch/pine-straw jobs
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