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I guess i like it..i think if the walkbehind version had been out I would have bought it first..more versatile. It doesn't like going across steep hills. I know the manual says 15 degrees or so max but I tried it on something steep that you would have to walk and it wasn't easy. Part of what happened (that I may go under unit and grind or cut out ) is a gusset that happens to line up with a row of tines and because of a little play in the spacing, the tine will hit the gusset . Initially I thought it was a chain binding. I have my spreader mounted (will get pics rick) that works fine, still haven't worked out the sprayer . I don't like the small rear tires , there isn't alot of clearance going up steep curbs. I may re-work the fenders and try bigger tires...I am trying to find out the reason for the smaller tires in the first place but haven't gotten anywhere. Maybe it's a speed or gearing thing?? FWIW if you happen to want to remove the 2" reciever be aware that it is welded to a steel weight plate. There is no way you will hold it up by just reaching will need 2 people or a floor jack. The reason i mention this is because when I mounted my spreader I had to remove and cut the "brush" bar that protects the muffler. The parking brake cable is mounted under the plate and mine bent when the plate dropped. ( I didn't know there was a weight plate attached)
I also don't think my pressure guage works correctly but it does aerate very nice..and deep !!! Mine drives very nice and smooth.
If I can figure a nice "trick" way, I hope to mount finger switches to the handle bars so that if I am walking a steep hill I can still get the tines to drop...I have been using a brick
PS It sounds like I'm down on the unit but not really..for most places it will be awesome. Just wanted to be honest about what i have experienced for prospective buyers
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