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Back in the early days when I was a one man show, I would rent, and would reserve one from Oct 15-Nov 15. If I had waited until Oct 15th this year, I would have been screwed. It got down to 20 degrees on Oct 6th in some areas here, and I've had 12 people with damage. By Oct 15th this year, we already had 200 taken care of. I would have lost out on a ton of money and customers, because I would not have been able to change my reservation. Comps are in HIGH demand for rent in October. By owning four, for three of us, we can start early (Sept 28th this year) and go as late as we want. Sometimes doing a round in early December. By having the 4th comp, I was able to loan it to a buddy that had one go down last week, and there were none to be found. He was able to give me some intel on the 51 zone system I took over, as he had worked on it in the past. I haven't had one yet, that has needed significant repair work. And, it's an asset to the company when the time comes to sell the biz.
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