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Here's what Google has indexed. From what I can tell, this is not an accurate representation of your site:

Bing seems to have more:

To text readers, as I pointed out in previous feedback, your site is still blank, as it does not have "hard" content. It's generated on the fly, each time your page is called from the server. Do an experiment of sorts. Go to your home page, do a "view page source" and see if you can "read" your site's content. Now open up and do the same.

Re: other SEO reporting, there is no difference. Download the SEOQuake plugin for Firefox and you can see what elements your site presents or does not.

When you start building out your new site, I'll be more than happy to weigh in, but with the current Wix site, I really can't add anymore to the issues their sites inherently present.
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