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Originally Posted by hunterpreferred View Post
Dana, we own 1 and start with one tech in mid to late September. October 1st we pick up 2 more. Third week in October we start running a fourth compressor. Always 1 guy per truck unless it rains, then we send the install guys as ride alongs instead of sending them home and train them. The fourth compressor goes for 4-5 weeks, then down to 3 for a few more weeks. The bulk of them are done by Thanksgiving. We return the other 2 and take care of the straglers with the 1 we own. We set up hose reels on the rentals with 250' of hose and each tech has a remote and they are good to go. I feel that we have stream lined the process as much as we can and we have become very efficient at it over the years.
Very good process. We do 750-900 for 2.5 guys. I personally only work half time, if that, during blow out season. We are in a much smaller market I would assume. I could do a lot more if I wanted to expand. I turn away a lot of work.
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