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Originally Posted by T_S_S View Post
I don't just show up on a site and buy everyone including the guy cleaning the porta jon coffees. I speak with the person doing the purchasing on the specific job or company. It may sound stupid but it works . I'm not too worried if someone thinks I'm a weirdo , I'm more interested in landing work . If I told you how I met my wife and what I did/said you would really think I'm a weirdo! But hey now I'm married to the most amazing girl ever do I guess it worked. Even things such as phoning a company in advance And speaking with an estimator. Tell them who you are , and ask if you can swing by there office , grab them a coffee on the way. Tell them about your business, ask about theres, try and find some common ground or subjects (even besides work) and go with it. Even if the initial meeting doesn't land you work , check back in a month or two . Mabee it will work for you mabee it won't, it's worth trying on a few different companies.
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The sales guys in the oil fields show up at rigs hoping to get a few minutes with the rig manager. Some of the successful sales guys bring donuts, coffee, cold water, etc. It's no different than pharma reps who give out a ton of office supplies and samples in exchange for a few minutes to sell themselves.

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