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Originally Posted by Sprinkler Buddy View Post
I know we have many irrigation guys here on this forum that know much more than I.

In your opinion, which manufacture offers the homeowners across the USA the best sprinkler heads that are readily available to them in the "Big Box Stores"?

Here in Florida, I noticed in the past few years Home Depot started carrying Hunter Heads. Which in years past could only be purchased at a professional irrigation supply store around here. It's to my knowledge that they aren't of the same quality as the ones many professionals install when first having their Hunter sprinkler system installed. Is that true?

Lowe's a few years back started carrying K-Rain heads. Which I was told have the same mechanism in them as the Hunter heads. K-Rain split off from Hunter once their contract had expired and went into business for themselves.

Can any of you shed some light on this matter? I'm sure the American people would appreciate it as would I.

Hunter, Rain Bird, Orbit, and K-Rain are often the brands I physically see in our Big Box Stores. Is that the case where you live?
Sorry buddy, i drive 100 mile turnaround to either Normac or Ewing and i liue 7 miles from a professional irrigation supply house. My loyalty has been earned by these companies.
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