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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
If you get an immovable wall of leaves with your Billy Goat, you can aim your chute low and then move it up and down and punch a hole through it a lot of times and then funnel the rest of the leaves through the hole. I sometimes leave my "Goat" stationary and feed it with my backpack blower to get through fences and holes in hedge rows or to pitch them into the woods, etc. Just be sure to blow the air intake clear if it clogs up with leaves.

I've even been known to run my Goat, a backpack and a handheld blower at the same time or even two backpack blowers with or without the Goat (when nobody is looking). I was running two backpacks at the same time on my property over the weekend, my Husky 580 and a Shindaiwa EB-630...that's around 1,500 cfm!! It's a bit of a workout wearing 50 pounds of blowers though.
Where's the link to the youtube video?
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