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OK. That is the inlinelinc relay and remotelinc 2. Pending confirmation of range, these should give you the ability to remotely control the load attached to the inlinelinc.

In case it is not clear, the inlinelinc can also be made to respond to other insteon controller-type devices, such as wall switches and keypads. If you had a spare box location or unused switch location, you could install an insteon switch and link it to the inlinelinc, using it to control the load as well as using the remotelinc for this purpose.

In my house, I have four physical locations (all keypads) from which I can manually control my landscape lighting, as well as a dedicated home automation android tablet, and my phone. My landscape lighting is also controlled automatically, based on sunset and season.

I don't know of your long-term intentions, but thought you should be aware of the possibilities, in case you were not already.
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