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Originally Posted by C Jovingo Landscaping View Post
I work construction during the day 8-12hrs a day not counting drive (1hr avg round trip). We get shafted on windshield time. We meet at shop at 6:30am & our time don't start til 7:30. We get trucks ready & discuss where we are going & what we are doing. On the road by 7am avg drive 30 mins. If we get to site before 7:30 our time starts when we get there. Then our time ends when we are done working, so off the clock for drive back to shop. I know this is illegal & BULLSHIZZ but boss says in this economy the money is not in the contracts. Anyways, I never know when I'll be home Mon-Fri, so I do my mowing on weekends. Half day Sat & 10 am til dark on Sun. Can't take on any new clients with current fulltime work schedule. Wish I was home by 4pm Mon-Fri so I could schedule mowing during the week or had 2nd/3rd shift job.

Here is my situation & plans for spring. The caulking company I work for is small & I am the Sr employee (1 of 3 employees), only been there abt 1yr 4months. There were 4 employees when I started & 3 were let go by the time I was there 6 months. The 4th guy quit couple months ago. High employee turn over because boss treats them like cr@p. He treats me different (respects me) because I own my own business. Come early next year I'm gonna tell him I'm gonna give the lawncare a shot fulltime & will work for him part time. At the begining of season maybe working for him Thurs & Fri. Possibly some afternoon/evenings caulking some stuff. The income from him will help in the beginning, so hope he goes for it. If not I got some connections with other caulk companies that I have talked with on construction sites that will use me part time. 1 being a solo caulker that alot of times could use help but doesn't always have enough work to keep an employee full time.

Best of luck to you...I know I'm gonna need it come spring!
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"The money is not in the contracts" I guess that's all relative.

I'm not familiar with Ohio Labor law. but most states dont vary too widely on this. If the employer requires you to report for a time and place of work, then you pay starts there. He could require you to show up directly to the work site, but if you are driving a company truck and/or equipment there, then I guess thats why you reporting to and from the shop. So he is illegally not paying you for hours worked.

Here's where the world of suck comes in. You can report this to the dept. of labor, but if things are as razor thin as he claims they are, this could shut down the company and put everyone out of a job? then you shot yourself in the foot.
But it really bugs me to think, that the employer is actually DEPENDING on that very line of thinking in order to pull off what he is pulling off.
(man that actually does bug me)

anyway back to the issue of working one job and servicing clients of the OP.

The leap from employment to entrepreneur is a big one, IF you have a working spouse, Id say do it, but a girlfriend, hmmm that's not as solid of a deal.

It sounds like 200-300 more a month would be all you need to "make ends meet" with this 'side job'. But 300 more a month translates to an extra 1000 per month of lawns cut (factoring a short season and overhead costs)

Can't you just step up your volume and cut that much more grass if you were totally self employed?

$1000/mo is $250 per week, which would be 5 more $50 lawn cuts, is that really going to be that hard to get? Assuming you quit the job and just mow full time. Trying to hold on to a few hundred bucks from another source, other than yourself might actually be your stumbling block.

I don't know your area or what the opportunities are like, but heck 5 more lawns or no sleep and no time for family? I'd choose 5 more lawns, and marry the girl! edit: my bad, you already married the girl, good job!
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