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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
What's the deal with the front stoop with NO handrails???? I hope there is now a handrail in place, looks very unprofessional. If you didn't do a handrail I hope you have this sentence in your contract: "handrails / safety rails to be installed by others". And if you did have a rail installed - then Good Job!

And the caps on the wall need to be staggered with the block. Go back next week and correct that so you can get photos worthy of putting on your web page.

Maybe tonight ill have time to nitpick the rest I the photos

Jim Lewis doesn't like when some of us critique pictures. No one is dead from it. Maybe feelings get hurt. life goes on
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man, this is what I post for. i'm only 23, lemme have it.
1. I do write homeowner responsible for handrails, (i'll put up a doosy later)
2. caps are glued, customers are happy and I'm paid cash. wish I could have staggered it but couldn't due to issues I don't want to get into on the net
3.I took your advice earlier in the thread and have been piping more gutters. I have a bunch more pics but I don't want to clog the thread up if people have more to say about these.

I appreciate all feedback guys, just happy to be working and having something to show from it
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