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Originally Posted by MR-G View Post
just for ztr 50% down 150mo. for 24 mos.....completly under warrantee for 24 repair costs at all...just routine in value at end of 24 mos. is 50% of in again hence 50% down is the used machine this time....rinse and repeat...we have 6 ztrs and have been doing this for over 20 yrs...never repairs, almost never down time, always have a new machine....for 150 a that machine will generate over 8k a month if you use it wisely...this is a hell of a ROI (return on investment) oh and dont forget to take full depriciation at tax time on the 50% part of the machine you used....sometimes i really wonder how people get as far as they do.....
I must be missing something, because everytime I went to the toro or exmark or car dealer they were moore than happy to take 100% down and usually give me a nice discount. As far as I know equiptment bought in cash has the same warranty has financed equiptment. If you can profit 8k per month per machine you could pay cash for 1 machine every month and still clear 40k per month.

It sounds like a nightmare of paper work just to float 25 to 30 thousand dollars.
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