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Originally Posted by Pythium View Post
Endophyte enhanced turf seed is the best option I have found for a truly organic chinch bug control. I have a TTTF in 90% of my backyard, reseeded 2 years ago. there is a spot that was too tight for my slit seeder so I just skipped it. This summer my neighbors yard was destroyed by chinch bugs, they killed the small patch in mine where I didn't seed the TTTF, they stopped right where the TTTF started. My front endophyte enhanced p. rye, didn't touch it either.
Any client that I have that wants to go organic, I first start with the turf they have and suggest a reseeding with the endo enhanced varities, once less pest to worry about.
Absolutely right! We should be focused more on prevention than control. Endophytic seed is a must where it will grow.
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