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i'm definetly married with a 2 year old. funny thing is that when i mowed in 2004 i tried to make the jump, had a girlfriend who helped pay bills and we split mid season and it definetly prevented me from going full time. me and my wife have a good relationship and she has my back. night shift puts a little bit of a strain that i would fear that in the future can destroy a marriage. (everybody who has been at my job for 10 years is divorced, i'm reaching the 10 year mark soon)

the seasons in georgia aren't to terribly short, and i do offer lawn apps which helps. if i had the 5 more accounts to mow i would feel confident that i'd be fine, but its getting them which might be hard. i'm in a good area to be in this business, i'm in the middle of many residential subdivisions, upper middle class type areas. tons of competition, tons.. so its gonna be hard to stand out, offering applications will help, and getting back to people fast with estimates has helped so far, because one complaint i get is that other companies never show up or call back.

without the extra money from the night job it will be harder to put money into advertising, however i am gonna stay with that through febuary and put another round of post cards out for the spring.. and other than that gonna rely on google. i'm working on website SEO and i'm ranking higher and higher on the search for lawn care in my area every few weeks. this is how i've gotten most of my calls.. but i started so late in the season.. i made sure i was fully legit, fully licensed and insured before i even advertised. i print off some nice looking flyers on my own and will definetly have some days out on foot putting them out this spring.

i just think the worse thing that can happen is it doesn't work, i got some savings.. and i just take my ass to the temp service and work in a warehouse for 10 bucks an hour and mow part time till i can figure something out. having a kid and daycare arrangements to make always makes things a little harder.. my wife gets another promotion to office manager at her job soon enough, so thats gonna ease the pain alot too..

Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
The leap from employment to entrepreneur is a big one, IF you have a working spouse, Id say do it, but a girlfriend, hmmm that's not as solid of a deal.

It sounds like 200-300 more a month would be all you need to "make ends meet" with this 'side job'. But 300 more a month translates to an extra 1000 per month of lawns cut (factoring a short season and overhead costs)

Can't you just step up your volume and cut that much more grass if you were totally self employed?

$1000/mo is $250 per week, which would be 5 more $50 lawn cuts, is that really going to be that hard to get? Assuming you quit the job and just mow full time. Trying to hold on to a few hundred bucks from another source, other than yourself might actually be your stumbling block.

I don't know your area or what the opportunities are like, but heck 5 more lawns or no sleep and no time for family? I'd choose 5 more lawns, and marry the girl! edit: my bad, you already married the girl, good job!
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