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good luck to you as well. i am lucky that atleast my truck is still fairly new, 40k miles on an 07 silverado (knock on wood) hopefully nothing goes wrong. my first attempt in 04, i had an older truck and i definetly know the frustration of having to get repairs all the time. thinking of buying a new belt drive because they have 3 year warranty on engine and stuff.. so mabee i can get through a season or 2 without to many major headaches. my 2 cycle stuff is 8 years old though, but its still kicking.

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I work 3-11 off wed thurs. works out pretty well considering im a cop and kinda work at my own pace unless we are just slammed with calls. I know the feeling on burned out I worked 7 days a week to pay for my wedding for like 5 months. If you have 17k in the bank in my opinion thats pretty damn good starting out. This is my first year and everytime I get money in the bank I have to fix my truck or buy something. But thats my fault for being cheap when I got equipment. I think you will be doing fine man just hang in there through the off season then I would definitily quit I am gonna keep my job for another season and through next off season then hopefully I can quit but we will see. Best of luck to you.
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