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Originally Posted by mrusk View Post
Pissing matches as you call it makes everyone of us better designers and builders.
This is the truth. Otherwise we would all be going around with our heads up our rears thinking we were the greatest without even the slightest clue we were doing something improperly or in a way that could be improved on.

I have to say that I do respect Jim even if it seems we are being irrational over some stairs. He made a post many years back over the winter. Something about the state of the economy, etc. In a time when everyone was selling out and dropping prices I read that post and did the exact opposite. My company has been much better because of that post. It soley changed the way I conduct business and put my company into the next level. I look forward to a new state of the industry this year.

As for the dropoffs, not safe yes, violation of code likely not. Most areas support the 30" drop no railing code. So the deck and patio appear to be OK. Even the no railing stairs are OK with 3 risers. Additionally the deck step into a door is should be within the range allowed, but does not usually need to be consistent often because there must be a landing outside the door which separates the stairs from the door. The patio however is a functional part of the stairs system in the landing area which normally would be the width of the stairs and 3' out. The height anywhere else does not matter as long as it meets slope and runoff requirements.
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