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New Imprelis victim

I live in the Brighton, MI area and only recently realized my trees were suffering a slow death due to Imprelis. I assumed they were just dying naturally. I must have ignored the original letter from my lawn care provider thinking it was junk mail. I contacted the Dupont 800 number and opened up a claim on August 14, 2012. I followed up with an email and got Davey and Stericycle to come out on September 6 to evaluate my landscape. They listed 20 different trees or other items on my property and considered most with either a "1" or "2" rating. I have 2 large white pines and 1 Scots pine listed as a "3". I am trying to patiently wait on Dupont's offer, fully expecting to be quite disappointed.

I did see an offer made to a friend where they offered to replace 4 large Norway spruces that were rated "4" and "5". His three other trees were rated "1" or "2" which Dupont slated for maintenance instead of replacement.

Does somebody know whether trees rated at a "3" are being offered replacement or maintenance? If it is maintenance, I'm probably wasting my time waiting... may as well get an attorney now since three are dying and I'm worried about a dogwood which is showing serious drooping of entire branches and cupping and distortion of leaves. Also have a large expensive Japanese maple that I will most likely not be compensated for since obth were rated "1" by the Davey rep who is getting compensation from Dupont. Sounds like a conflict of interest...
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