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Cutting down perennials

I presume many of you have residential customers that have perennials in their beds. The most common for my customers is hosta, and some peonies.

Some homeowners are very good about getting these plants cut down before the leaf season begins. Others, ... well, not so much.

The leaves are filling in the beds, and the perennials are still on stalk. I've asked a few of my customers who have many plants to please attend to this matter, or give me permission to do the task. Getting leaves out of these beds is more difficult, and the results are poor. One of them said "go ahead." The others, "... I'll take care of it." In other years, they have "taken care of it," but after the leaf season is over, and I've battled for several visits.

What do others do? Just cut them down, without any interaction with the customer? Or, just do battle, and live with the outcome?

I'm sure they have no idea of the hassle, but know the task has to be done sometime.

Whew! Two 11 hour days, finishing in the dark both days. Keeping mowing schedule, but spending nearly as much time with leaves on most properties is making for some long work days. Does anybody think the very warm days is accelerating the leaf drop, or hindering? Yes, breeze accelerates, but I thought hard freezes accelerated leaf drop. The Silver Maples are now really beginning to drop in earnest. Also, catalpa and sycamores are also dropping big time.
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