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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
Since you mentioned it, what's the best method for cutting down ornamental/zebra grass?

I've not needed to cut any before other than the ONE I have at home and I did that by hand with pruning shears, but I have a client with about ten clusters I need to cut down...

Hedge clipper. I use my Stihl HS80, 24" bar. I use a rope (or two) around the clump of grasses before starting, cinch up the rope tight. Make the cut where you want the final height to be -- clean cut across the entire clump. The clump should remain in tact enough to get two arms around it to carry it away. If the clump is just cut down, blades of grass are all over, very quickly! And, getting them all corralled up again takes time, and is hard to leave the area clean.

Depending on where the debris has to go, I may lay out a tarp before cutting, then lay the clump on the tarp before carrying away.

The last thing I want to do is the messy cleanup when the debris is scattered.

After the clump is gone, the final stump may require a bit of touch up with the hedge clipper. How well the initial pass makes the final pass depends upon how big the clump. I have cut some as large as 24" across, but the procedure still works well.

I have heard of homeowners who don't have a gas-powered hedge clipper, using a chain saw. I suspect that will leave a mess. But, it is probably better than hand shears.
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