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Guys, please give me some grace. I hate throwing my 2 cents in when it comes to endorsing products in this forum, so I do this only in hopes it might help someone with a tight budget or to help you guys sell a job based on the following. The Hunter IMMS Central Control Software can be obtained for free as a "demo" disc. It is fully functional for one, and only one, controller. The minute you need to fire up two or more controllers you need to buy the software. However, it lets someone who wants all the bells and whistles for his own home or estate take advantage of the software for free. The caveat (you knew this was coming) is that you do need to buy the manufacturer's controller and associated communications hardware to fire this critter up. With demo software you are limited to LAN/Ethernet, Phone Modem, Hardwire, or GPRS Cell COM Modules. UHF radio would require a second controller, used as a hub, for radio communications and necessitate the purchase of the full version software. Hope this helps. Thanks guys. Always interesting and informative.
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