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Maryland Pest Test

This past Friday I took my Maryland Applicators Test. I own my business so I was not able to work under somebody for a year. I had to take the necessary courses through the local community college to qualify me to take the tests.
Courses: Turf management, Pesticide Safety, and IPM
I came into the test confident after taking these courses but I was surprises on the difficulty of the test. The Maryland Department of Ag. made the multiple choice answers so similar I had to read carefully to make sure I answered correctly. Many of the questions I eliminated answers but I often come down to two choices left to pick from. I will find out how well I did on the Core exam and Turf Exam in 2-4 weeks. Both tests were 50 questions each, the Core exam had multiple choice with 4 answer options, the Turf exam was multiple choice with 5 answer options for each question.
If I had worked for a company for one year I feel that this test would have been more difficult.
How was your test? I know each state is different, just curious to hear from others.
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