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Enclosed trailer/ dump trailer build!

After much deliberation I have decided to go ahead with a build that I feel will make my solo operation more efficient and a little more cost effective.I am a solo operation, I have about 30 lawns I do by myself, and plan on staying this way for a while. I don't want to buy another truck and have another payment, insurance, registration, maintenance etc.. On the other hand, having a dump bed insert in the back of my truck all the time is killing me on gas, not to mention limiting the possibilities of buying a fifth wheel camper next year. So I figured combining my enclosed with the insert would increase the pay load, and also give me my personal truck back!

Last week I posted a thread wondering if there were any enclosed trailers with dump beds on the front. I was advised to check out a website

From there I called and talked to the owner, and the trailer I wanted was going to run about $12,000.00 with an enclosed / dump combo. So then I got to thinking..........and then I did some figuring.....and then I did some searching and found this website The stuff some of these guys do is amazing!

So after checking out that site I started doing some design work, and came to the realization that I could make my own trailer. I already have the enclosed trailer, and I have the 6.5 foot truckcraft dump insert that is in my truck.......all I would need is some steel, bigger axles and a goosneck.....cause that's how I roll! I would make a new 20' frame, chop off the tounge on my trailer, mount the easy dump up front, and the enclosed on the back. Eventually I would make a new, bigger box for the dump insert frame, and also add a mesh drop down gate, so I could drive up it and dump in the bed. No more green barrels!

I want to get opinions on this:

Currently my trailer weighs 5,570 lbs loaded with mowers and equipment. My dump insert weighs another 600 6,200 lbs with out taking into consideration grass, and leaves.....maybe add antoher 2,000 lbs to that and I have 8,200 lbs for a trailer weight?
Do you think this is too much for a bumper pull?
Or would it make more sense to go gooseneck on this and spread out the weight?
Does tounge weight matter when you have a goosneck?

I want to get more opinions on this before I start the build. I will take a picture of the crude drawing I made so everyone can see what I was thinking.
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