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I am the very unhappy owner of a brand new Kubota 3200 HSD which replaced my 1996 JD 855. About the only good things I can say about it are that the steering radius is commendably small and the power steering works with very low effort. The problems I have with it include a number of sample defects such as a broken hood rod on delivery, a misaligned hood which has chipped the paint on the hood and the cowl, and the hydraulic fluid was almost a gallon down on delivery, PTO engagement lever that slips out of engage position, and the lift arm/mower height lever that does the same.

Far more serious are design problems, including excessive high-frequency engine vibration and noise, various rattles, inability to set to a repeatable height above lowest setting, and questionable ergonomics. For example, the tractor has differential brake pedals on the right side. However, to use differential braking, you have to depress left or right brake pedal and step on the forward or reverse pedal at the same time. Neither Kubota nor God equipped me with a third leg, so the differential brakes are useless. (And don't say to use the cruise control: it disengages when you step on the brake pedal - as it should!)

A Kubota tech came out and corrected one or two the sample defect issues and the dealer can correct the others. But both have acknowledge the design issues. The dealer is taking back the Kubota and has ordered a JD 2720 to replace it.

All I can say is: Kubota - not ready for prime time. BTW, in formal correspondence, I use the initials ASME after my name: Member: American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
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