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Originally Posted by brucec View Post
I look at it like this. When you pay cash it HURTS. Handing over a fist full of
100's is painful, signing you name on a line not so much. Spending cash is real you feel the impact immediately. If I were to walk into a dealership and had to hand over 35k CASH for a new truck I would say what the hell am I thinking, and then go find something much cheaper that would still do the job. Studies show that you tend to spend much more than originally planned when using credit. I have seen studies that show people at fast food restaurants spend 20 to 25 percent more when using credit cards instead of using cash. Paying cash eliminates a lot of risk for me. To each their own, my business is debt free and doing very well and I sleep better that way.
Good point!

Theres 20 year olds all the time posting pics of the equiptment they paid cash for to get there business going or in some cases expanding it.
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