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Hustler z revving to high

Hey guys. I recently posted a thread about some issues I had with a customers 07' hustler z 60" with a kohler command CV740. Replaced the carb and cyl. No. 1 head gasket and the machine is running great, very strong and no oil consumption.

Before i got the machine the customer was having issues with the throttle cable and had one of his guys replace it. Now that the machine is not running like **** he is complaining that at full throttle the engine seems to be making too many rpms and according to him sounds like its "gonna blow up".

Heres my question. Is there not an internal governer on these motors that will protect the engine from over-revving?

Is there an adjustment on the carburetor? How can max rpm be set? Would it be wise to get a digital rpm gauge to see what this thing is actually turning then go from there?
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