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Originally Posted by birddseedd View Post
I would guess they were either real soft performance tires, or you had a bad set. i never go threw tires like that. course, i dont drive like alot of guys. i take it easy when i drive, saves gas and wear on the truck. the only time my tires skid is if im on gravel. limited slip isnt like a locking diff or 4wd. if you drive easy, your wheel wont skid and you wont lose rubber.

to my best understanding. but i sure dont go threw tires. frankly any tire that only gets 10-15k has something wrong with it, or they are super performance tires.

either way. limited slip every time, i dont like getting stuck pulling 5k lbs of sod threw mud.
The tires are General Graber AT2's, a good quality all terrain tire, by no means a performance tire.

You're not entirely correct on your under standing of a limited slip differential. In a standard clutch type limited slip, such as Dodge uses, the differential must over come a certain amount of torque preload before the tires can turn at different rates of speed. Before that torque amount is met, the tires are resisting a differential in speed, thus increasing tire wear. All manufactures set up their differentials with a different amount of torque required before differential action can take place.

A torsen differential on the other hand works all together differently, and in those the tires don't need to over come a torque preload before rotating at different speeds.

If you are interested in a better understanding of differentials, more information can be found here:
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