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Used Holganix 3 applications then SumaGreen. Worst fungus year ever. The drought is certainly a factor,more so improper watering but expected to have more buffer against the stress. The Holganix rep. said I should double rate for effective disease control (14oz/1000) but the cost is already twice the price of SumaGreen. My yards were green enough,long enough with the exception of a few but I had also added 1/4 lb. of nitrogen and a product called Stay-N

I believe my shrubs did exceptional well with Holganix. The SumaGreen left a film that a customer complained about and can't say the treatment with SumaGreen did as well as Holganix.

I will offer extra services that include compost topdressing and compost tea.These are the foundational products that shown results.Doubt I would go back with Holganix less the price is lowered or SumaGreen. I admit I didn't give SumaGreen a fair trail.

SumaGreen has a lot of microbes but Holganix has lots more ingredients-check it out yourself. SumaGreen has been slow to get back with study data on lawns. I think it is still coming in and they will present it latter.True,I haven't used SumaGreen near as much as Holganix but all my experiments have produced no "wow" factor. Side by side with Lesco fertilizer on newly seeded tall fescue showed no visible difference. I used SumaGreen on a number of fescue seeded yards and am not impressed.

Next year I might try a similar product by Enviroquest but I need to look into it more over the winter.

Inspite of the disappointing results with fungus by combining treatments I saved money and labor costs. I cut back my prodiamine rates 30% with Holganix with no adverse effect. Prodiamine is not good with broadleaves and I had some of the biggest,greenest dandelions ever which tells me the products work well on weeds.Luckily There were no many.

Don't take these results so seriously but compare them with others and do your own research. This is based on observation,the worst drought since I started business although most all my customers have irrigation.
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