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Also. For a while and even now in most ways I lost the ability to have access to credit.
It changes how you operate. When you NEED to get paid.

My attitude changed from getting the work, to getting paid.

I have 0 bad debt and 0 collection problems. I take 50% down and have the check waiting for me when we are loading up the cones. In the past, no big deal, Ill send you a bill, if it takes a while, no problem, thats why I have a credit line.

Always thought...."Companys just take a while to pay" "Their policy is 45 days, its just the nature of the business"

When you cant start the next job until you get paid for this job you have to operate different.

Im not that cash strapped anymore. I can afford to let people go a while. But I dont.

People know my company isnt a tiny desperate operation living hand to mouth.
Yet every job I do I state up front.....Please have the invoice processed so the check is here when Im done.

Until I had no choice....I never knew how to get around the process when they say "We cut checks on the 15th. We pay Net 30." Thats just how the big boys operate and if you want to work for the big boys you have to be a big boy too.

Well, every single job Ive done over the past 2 years I get around that process.

I just ask. Never been turned down yet.
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