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Originally Posted by cindyb View Post
Hi Michiman,

I hired an aborist off the Dupont list to look at my trees before Dupont and Davey came out so I'd be more informed and was told the same thing, that they haven't seen a tree with Imprelis damage recover and they listed all my trees with curling or damage for replacement. They were on target, my trees that were marked 1's are toasted.
Thank you for your response, I have a beautiful 11' to 12' dogwood that has branches that are drooping beyond belief. I couldn't figure out why I was pushing the braches out of my way last year as I cut the lawn. This year they have probably drooped another foot or two and the leaves look real badly cupped. The Davey arborist (Read: tree trimmer) that came out said what I was witnessing was due to weight of the branches. Did he think I couldn't tell the difference of a tree I had on my property for 18 years?

I have a 5' Japanese maple that I could never aford to replace. Both the dogwwod and this tree were rated "1". It didn't look the same this year and the colors did not show their normal vibrant fall colors or last fall. The foliage was nowhere near as full as normal and the spring leaves did not break out normally.

I originally thought Dupont was making a real effort to make things right but now, from all my reading, it appears they have taken a new approach.
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