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Originally Posted by redcabo7 View Post
Sent my rejection letter 56 days ago with a 60 day settlement requirement. Just got off the phone with the hotline and I am in line for Davey to re-evaluate my site. Funny because Davey never assessed my place to begin with, my LCO did...which they made a killing on.

Needless to say settlement money will not be in my hands in 4 days therefore they have forced me to file a lawsuit. They lawyer I attain will have the choice to get my money from Dupont or my LCO. I don't care anymore just like they don't care about us!

Anybody in Livingston County Michigan that has a lawyer or wants to join me please let me know, I will be actively searching.
I'm close to you(Brighton/Hamburg). I have the feeling I am going to have to resort to the attorney route myself if my case remains in the "final stages" for any length of time. Not sure what Michigan''s statute of limitations is on these cases but I don't plan on waiting much longer... especially if I am in line for a minimal offer of maintenance only. I'd be curious who you end up contacting and what they have to say.

My old neighbor and his wife are local attorneys. Roger Meyers who bought and has an office in the old Howell mansion. I believe he does a lot of real estate/zoning type work but I thought I might call him and see if he has a recommendation for me.
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