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Check with county gov. Some places require a license, some just register your business, EIN, sales tax No., workman's comp ins, though if just you then option to get a WC waver.

Have relatives get estimates from reputable LCO's to see the prices being charge where you live. New Iberia, were in the 3rd world is that? Then figure a system of how you would figure those rates.

Determine your hourly costs now that you have had your first year of business.

As already told, I'm one of those that has a PT job. Three eve's a week and Sat. day. They let me call in sick when it snows.

Lawns done. Fall clean ups. Lime applied in the fall. Gutters cleaned in the fall. Trim trees. Prune shrubs. Trim hedges. Fall Fert. Get out there and start selling. Is it to late to sell reseeding where you are in the 3rd world?
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