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Originally Posted by birddseedd View Post
what kinda lock?
Open rear all torque goes to the wheel that turns the easiest. Thus one wheel on ice spins and you go no where.

Limited slip both wheels get power when one wheel starts to lose traction so the non slipping wheel still gets power and should drive you through the bad spot mud/snow/ice/sand/dirt/whatever.

With a limited slip if the one wheel is spinning the other wheel getting power does not have enough traction to move, you will go no where, then you press on the gas more which causes the limited slip rear to act as an open rear, all the power goes to one wheel and you will just spin a tire.

Low speed low torque the rear acts as it is locked. High enough torque and the rear acts as if its an open rear.

Locked rear or locker can be permanent full time but can not be used on pavement only for off road applications.

Or can be made to be turned on or off as needed. When unlocked the rear acts as a open rear. Or locked as a locked rear. Locked means no matter how much gas you give power goes to both wheels all the time.

This is why a locked rear is used off road. On dirt/sand if slippage has to occur the tires will slip in the dirt.
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