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Originally Posted by ADVANTEC LAWNS View Post
okay ,how do i say this.this is my first year owning a not lic,insured, or have bank accounts yet for my company. have had everything made out to cash r cash it self. i started up in may , and had about 20-25 yards. and was prolly making 300 -400 a week , i bought a small new ztr. taking out a loan of 5k . paid soo much off now its down to 1800. but that has nothing to do with why im failing. anyways about ten of the 20 yards i had.i got 8 now. where for a guy who owns a good part of the town where i live. he was very cheap and didnt want to pay a whole lot. 10 small . small as in breeze way sized yards. which i shot my self in the head and bidded too low.but i got them at 120 $. eventully i realized i really was wasting more gas than i was making money after i saw my gas bill for the first month, last week he found someone who i must think is doing it for a lot cheaper than me. cause i always had shown up on time . had it all cut blown and trimmed.. and he also was one of those cliants who give hell when its time to collect.always hard to get a hold of. and once i did, i had to wait a day to 5days to collect.not doing buissness with him anymore forsure. but as i said in the topic of this tread.i reallly need some help or else my lco is going to fail the first year.i was doing soo well at the begining of the summer. i wasnt getting to many calls .it was mostly word to mouth or face book .but now that winter is here. i honestly dont have any idea to make a buck with out getting a second job. can anyone give me some ideas to pick up some different types of jobs? no insurince or lic like i said only cash jobs.
Unbelievable!! I'm sorry but you have been on lawnsite since 2009 and this is the best you could come up with. No lic or insu, low balling like crazy, cash only not paying taxes probably on unemployment and then make a thread like this for help. All the you need is on LS you just have to follow the advice you get. I'm sorry this just rubs me the wrong way.
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